ALIEN BOOKS – Illuminati:The Cult that Hijacked the World [H.Makov]

ILLUMINATIIlluminati:The Cult that Hijacked the World [H.Makov]

Bizarre and incredible as it sounds, humanity has been colonized by a satanic cult called the Illuminati. This cult represents Masonic and Jewish bankers who finagled a monopoly over government credit which allows them to charge interest on funds they create out of nothing. Naturally they want to protect this prize by translating it into a political and cultural monopoly. This takes the form of a totalitarian world government dedicated to Lucifer, who represents their defiance of God. Thus, the people who hold our purse strings are conspiring against us. To distract and control us, they have used a vast occult network (Freemasonry) to infiltrate most organizations, especially government, intelligence agencies, education and the mass media. We are being re-engineered to serve the Illuminati. They undermine institutions like marriage and religion, and promote depravity, dysfunction, corruption and division. They have orchestrated two world wars and are planning a third. Henry Makow describes this conspiracy and shows how human history is unfolding according to Illuminati plan.

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ALIEN BOOKS – The New World Order [H.G.Wells]

NEW WORLD ORDER [H.G.Wells]The New World Order [H.G.Wells]

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. Hesperides Press are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.



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ALIEN BOOKS – The Illuminati [A.Weishaupt]

The Illuminati [A.Weishaupt]The Illuminati [Original Illuminati Documents by A.Weishaupt]

No secret society is more controversial than the Illuminati, yet almost nothing of the truth of this mysterious ancient Order is available in the public record. Propaganda, misinformation, disinformation, paranoia and downright fantasy are rife. Some have even described the Illuminati as pan-dimensional, shape-shifting Reptilians from another world!

The Illuminati have become the peg upon which anyone can hang their favorite and most outlandish conspiracy theories. They are the “men behind the curtain”, the “ultimate puppetmasters”, fascists, communists, bankers, Jews, monarchists, anti-monarchists, lizards, you name it. They support “big” government, high taxes and the sinister New World Order, based on a single global currency. They want to build death camps and reduce the world’s population to one billion souls.

So much for the penny-dreadful nonsense churned out by the simple minded pied pipers of Conspiracy World.

The truth of the real Illuminati is enormously more fascinating. The present Grand Master of the Illuminati has authorized the release into the public arena, for the very first time, of the facts concerning the ancient Order.

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ALIEN BOOKS – Conspiracies and Secret Societies [Brad Steiger]

CONSPIRACIES AND SECRET SOCIETIESConspiracies and Secret Societies [Brad Steiger]

This compelling encyclopedic reference includes hundreds of individuals, organizations, and events where official claims and standard explanations of actions and events remain shrouded in mystery. It examines the most common subjects among conspiracy theorists, from historical topics such as the true relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the Roswell UFO crash, and the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. to more current issues such as the death of Princess Diana, FEMA’s response following hurricane Katrina, and the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. With photographs and illustrations, a list of resources for further investigation, and a comprehensive index for thorough cross-checking, this dossier debunks popular myths and presents the evidence on an invisible world of influence and power. Separating fact from fiction, this reference provides gripping details and presents the information without bias and, updated and expanded, includes information on nearly 40 new subjects.


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ALIEN BOOKS – Mind Programming [Eldon Taylor]

MINDPROGRAMMINGMind Programming [Eldon Taylor]

It is the 21st century and we have experienced a technology explosion that has granted us a cornucopia of luxuries and opportunities. At this point, virtually anything seems possible. However, along with the positive developments are ominous collaborations designed to deprive us of an inherent birthright—the power of a free mind.

Mind Programming is a riveting expose on the plethora of research that has been carried out simply to discover ways to control your every thought and desire. What you will learn will both shock and horrify you. Tweaking your psyche has become big business. Never again will you be able to ignore the truth—your very thoughts are not your own.

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ALIEN BOOKS – The Illuminati – Facts & Fiction [M.Dice]


Secret societies have both fascinated and frightened people for hundreds of years. Often the infamous Illuminati is mentioned as the core of conspiracies which span the globe. The Illuminati is actually a historical secret society which had goals of revolutions and world domination dating back to the 1770s.

Since then, rumors and conspiracy theories involving the Illuminati continue to spread, sometimes finding their way into popular novels like Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons and Hollywood movies like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Some men have even come forward claiming to be former members, offering details of what they allege are the inner workings of the organization. When you sift through all of the information available on the subject, you may be surprised that the truth is stranger than fiction.

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ALIEN BOOKS – New World Order [A.Epperson]


New World Order [R.Epperson]


Ralph Epperson has spent years reserching the history of the two sides of the Great Seal, and has discovered that those who designed them committed America to what has been called “A Secret Destiny”. This future destiny is so unpleasant that those who wanted the change it entails had to conceal that truth in symbols.


A. Ralph Epperson, brilliant author of “The Unseen Hand”, has now outdone himself with “The New World Order”. Frightening and provocative at the same time, this novel will cause the reader to spend many sleepless nights wondering “what is it all about?”. Packed with details and undaunted research that only a true historian can accomplish, Epperson challenges the reader to turn the page only to reveal another startling revelation. From cover to cover, this is a book that will invoke controversy, debate, and unfortunately, FEAR. To quote the character of Fox Mulder from the “X-Files”: “The TRUTH is out there…for those who have the time to read.” “The New World Order” is one of the best books I’ve come across this decade which I highly recommend!!

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